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Evaluate options for reducing the overall volume of wastewater generated and the total dissolved solids (TDS) so that production can be increased while complying with anticipated permit limits at a specialty metals processing plant site.
Evaluate the suitability of an existing third-party production facility for the toll production of a sweetener product.
Develop an FEL-1 Design Package for a new skid package Spray Dryer System (SDS) at a paint pigment manufacturing facility.
Perform a plant relief valve study for an ethanol production facility.
Provide a process alternatives evaluation followed by the preparation of a process design information for a proprietary new produced water desalination system.
Prepare a preliminary process design (FEL-2) package with both capital and operating cost estimates for a proposed oil field drilling fluids recovery plant based on process pilot plant data.
Develop a preliminary process design and cost estimate for consolidating several pigment manufacturing processes into one location.
Provide on-site process engineering support for plant turnaround and various other activities at a U.S. petroleum refinery.
Evaluate a reactor, design an associated scrubber, ammonia stripper, and provide other engineering data and equipment specifications for a H2S removal system.
Develop preliminary process design information (FEL-2) for a demonstration sized process to recover rare earth elements from a mined ore based on pilot plant data.
Perform a pre-feasibility study for a process to extract and refine rare earth elements.
Identify and evaluate process alternatives for chemical solutions and process equipment to improve the stripping of copper in a gauze catalyst manufacturing process.
Evaluate the performance of an existing nitrogen oxides (NOx) scrubbing system to improve operability, reduce maintenance problems, and help prevent emissions excursions.
Generate a process simulation for a scaled up version of an existing plant that recovers and purifies a valuable specialty metal.
Provide implementation support for a new pilot-scale mol-sieve saturation system, as well as develop a full scale process design and implementation support for a similar production scale system.
Create unit simulations, mass and energy balances, PFDs, and P&IDs for an existing food grade oil manufacturing facility in preparation for a major plant expansion.
Validate the design of a triple-effect evaporator system with a final product stripper column in a sugar processing facility.
Develop an detailed FEL-3 level process design package for a commercial scale plant to produce a natural artificial sweetener from the stevia plant.
Provide process engineering support to a beverage manufacturer for evaluating and improving their pilot plant operation as well as develop the process design package for a new demonstration scale process.
Develop an FEL-3 detailed process design package for a demonstration scale plant designed to produce an edible spray-on preservative for fruits and vegetables based on scaling up data obtained from lab/pilot data as well as process equipment vendor testing.
Develop and delivery technical training on a chemical production process to operating company engineering personnel, as well as provide process operations improvement assistance.
Prepare a conceptual process design package and cost estimate for a new sulfamic acid plant at two different throughput rates.
Provide proposal level process engineering design support to a process equipment skid manufacturer for a distillation system designed to separate ethylene glycol and water.
Perform a process simulation and optimization of a triple effect evaporator system with a final product stripper column.
Perform dynamic process simulations for new products being transitioned from laboratory development to full scale batch chemical production.