Crude Vacuum Distillation System Simulation

PROCESS constructed a detailed simulation model of a grass-roots crude oil vacuum distillation system to be designed to produce light vacuum gas oil (LVGO) and heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO) from atmospheric crude distillation tower bottoms products. Using requested boiling point curve analytical data, PROCESS utilized the simulation software thermodynamics package to develop normal boiling point (NBP) pseudo-component characterizations of the feed, LVGO, HVGO, and vacuum residuum. The resulting vacuum system simulation model produced the following information relative to the system: overall system mass and energy balances; tower operating pressure and temperature profiles; required heights for the vacuum tower mass transfer / equilibrium packed sections; number of trays for a tower stripping boot; stripping steam rate; LVGO and HVGO pumparound rates, pumparound cooler duties (crude pre-heat train heat recovery potentials), and pumparound return temperatures; fired pre-heater required duty; overhead vapor vacuum system and condenser duties; quench residuum stream flow rates and temperatures; and overall tower height and diameter.

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