Day: August 1, 2014

New Partnership Targets Turn-Key Projects

August 2014 – Walbridge Process Engineering & Construction (WPE&C) is a newly formed full-service EPC firm combining the process engineering capabilities of Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) with construction expert Walbridge ( The company is based in Greenville, S.C. and offers process engineering, detail engineering (via subcontract), and construction services to customers in the chemical process industry, as well as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and oil and gas industries. WPE&C has global reach and specializes in providing tailored solutions to industrial process clients looking for a single source project partner.

Does this mean PROCESS is now offering detail engineering services – NO, NEVER! We note that while process engineering, design management, and construction services will be offered directly by the new firm, detail design services will be subcontracted. Therefore, it does mean that some of our trusted engineering company clients may have an opportunity to participate as team members on turn-key projects that neither they nor PROCESS had opportunities for in the past. PROCESS will remain an independent process engineering company able to provide services in a non-competitive manner to many engineering company clients. WPE&C will pursue project opportunities where clients require turn-key EPC services.

Detail engineering services on all WPE&C projects are provided through key subcontracted design partners selected to best suit each specific opportunity, based on the detail company’s experience, the project needs, and geography. This unique approach allows the EPC team to be closely tailored to the particular requirements of each assignment, providing the best match of resources to every project. We believe the intentional strategic use of outside detail engineering group subcontractors provides an unsurpassed opportunity to customize a turn-key capable EPC project team for each specific project. This unique combination of two very specialized groups at opposite ends of the project spectrum (process engineering and construction) combined with the plug-and-play approach to detail engineering is a first of its kind to the best of our knowledge. Think about it – you’re hiring a deep, stable, senior level process group with no pressures to feed work to a large detail design team, you’re hiring a detail design team that has been hand selected for your specific project (not a one size fits all approach), and you’re hiring a seasoned construction group who is an industry leader in safety and lean construction practices and has a “lessons learned” database comprised of nearly 4,500 ‘don’t forget’ experiences from past projects.

What does PROCESS get out of this partnership? Only the potential to work and get paid for the process engineering services we provide as part of a turn-key project team, nothing else…no commissions, no percentage of profits, nothing else. We refuse to receive payment for anything other than providing our process engineering services so that our independence and unbiased technical objectivity is never at risk or in question. That is just one way we will continue to bring value to so many different types of clients.

Visit the webpage of Walbridge Process Engineering & Construction (WPE&C) to learn more.