PROCESS provides project and process development support for various projects and needs, including detail engineering phase process engineering, environmental compliance assistance, third-party evaluations, and commissioning and startup project support. Our expertise has helped a range of industries around the world with project preparation, evaluations, process design, and more.

Environmental Compliance Services

We provide process engineering expertise that helps our clients manage and obtain compliance permits and the necessary licenses. Our support services are cost effective, and we work closely with our clients to develop efficient compliance strategies and plans. Learn more about our environmental services and projects below.

Environmental Compliance Support Overview 

Third-Party Evaluations

We provide third-party process engineering evaluation support to help guide your decisions on large projects and facility expansions. Our project and process development support is designed to provide the expertise and resources needed for the proper decision-making in key process areas. Learn more about our service evaluations.

Third Party Evaluations Overview, etc.  

Project Support

PROCESS provides post-project construction support for commissioning and startup where the need of experienced process engineers is invaluable. Our experts can be on site monitoring the construction, commissioning, and startup processes to help ensure everything is running smoothly. Our project and process development support services provide many benefits to your startup, including minimizing costs, solving site challenges, optimizing the operations, ensuring proper installations and implementation, and much more. Experienced professionals are extremely beneficial during the construction process. PROCESS has been providing engineering process support to a range of manufacturing process startups for many years. You can trust our expertise and learn more about our services below.

Detail Engineering and Construction/Startup Phase Project Support 

How Do Corporate Engineering Groups Use Us?