ES&H Representative 

“We’re working through the HAZOPS now. Just wanted to share what a great job PROCESS’ facilitator continues to do leading… read more

Bio-Polymer Company Project Lead

I want to recognize PROCESS’ engineer for his contribution to the Project. He (PROCESS’ engineer) is a great team member,… read more

Staff Engineer at National Laboratory

We held a ‘Final Design Review’ for the … applications that the PROCESS team have been supporting over the past… read more

Executive Director at an International Technology Development Company

“I am very happy to see the interaction going on between the team. I am thinking there may be lots… read more

EPC Project Process Team Lead

“I suspect it comes as no surprise but, once again, your resources are proving invaluable. I already knew Engineer A… read more

Principal of a gas field development and fracking services company

“Y’all did a tremendous amount of work for the money.”

Project Manager for a global environmental controls company

“The overall commitment expressed by your direct team and those of your subcontractors (PROCESS and others) throughout the execution of… read more

Engineering Manager at a detail engineering firm

“Their support was always timely and of the highest quality. I look forward to working with Process Engineering Associates in… read more

Refinery Manager at an independent refinery

“All the engineering work has been performed (by PROCESS) at or above expectations”

Project Manager for a world wide chemicals company

“(PROCESS’ engineer’s) help on the project is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with (PROCESS) again on future… read more

Project Manager for a detail engineering company

“(PROCESS’ engineer) rapidly became the pace setter and example for other subcontractors, and the primary technical resource on whom I… read more

Lead Process Engineer at a petroleum refinery

“I appreciate the professionalism that seems to be the standard throughout Process Engineering Associates.”

Senior Project Manager for a major government prime contractor

“(PROCESS) provided excellent personnel..extremely good rates…excellent communications…and were very aware of critical dates and costs.”

Senior Process Engineer at a reactor development company

“Process Engineering Associates delivered more for $100,000 than we received for $1 million from another major engineering company.” 

Director of Technical Services at a European chemicals production facility

“We were having major problems with our new continuous chemicals facility. PROCESS was able to help us get our production… read more

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