Process Engineering International, LLC

Process Engineering International, LLC (Process Engineering International) successfully serves customers around the globe.  

PROCESS International is the international arm and wholly owned subsidiary of our parent company Process Engineering Associates, LLC and exists to perform process engineering project execution for clients outside of the United States while addressing the unique business development needs for international clientele.  

Process engineering project success in various areas of the world demands a flexible approach for both business development and for project execution.  PROCESS International always strives to develop long term business relationships by having discussions with potential clients, understanding the local challenges and needs, understanding how work is approached in the specific region of the world, and adapting to local cultures.  This is all accomplished while guiding the client through the project and providing the highest degree of professional services to complete the process engineering projects efficiently and effectively while decreasing risk and improving profitability.

It is not uncommon for PROCESS International to travel to a client site to meet the key people face to face, to answer any questions, and to review site operations as needed.   PROCESS International personnel like to become business level “friends” with clients to ensure that lines of communication are free and open so that there are no surprises.  Fostering mutual trust is paramount when allowing a small group of engineers in a foreign country to design a new plant for you upon which the success of your business depends.

PROCESS International has performed projects around the globe and has completed projects for clients on all continents (except Antarctica).  Client types have ranged from large refining companies based in the Middle East to small specialty chemical companies based in Europe.  We invite you to contact PROCESS International to discuss your needs and challenges and to see how PROCESS International can assist your efforts.

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