We provide process engineering services and innovative process design solutions for your most critical challenges and needs. Specializing in chemical process engineering, we provide our clients with a multitude of process services designed to improve overall operations and process efficiency. PROCESS possesses a vast portfolio of completed projects for a range of industrial process industries.

Our extensive list of services offered includes process oversight, process design, emission controls design, on-site engineering support, safety support, and much more. We have helped production facilities across the world achieve their operational goals and develop long-term success strategies. Our process engineering services and support can help transform your production facility into a more efficient and productive operation.

Our expertise and professional process support offer viable solutions for any size projects and requirements. PROCESS’ service portfolio ensures confidence in our skills and ability to get any job done. We have been in your shoes and understand the gravity of needing to innovate, plan, design, build, operate, and manage multiple interconnected complex processes that may be inherently hazardous while, at the same time, keeping customers satisfied, your employees and community safe, meeting regulatory requirements, and making a profit. Most people have no idea. Our commitment to helping you be successful in achieving this monumental 24/7 task and our dedicated pursuit to the practice of ‘Excellence in Applied Chemical Engineering’ is what drives us to deliver top-quality services for our clients.

Browse our process engineering services below and learn how we can help increase your value.

Bid Package Preparation and Bid Evaluations

Conceptual and Preliminary Process Design – FEL-0 – FEL-1

Construction Phase Process Oversight

Controls Design

Detail Engineering Phase Process Support

Distillation Design

Emission Controls Design and Regulatory Compliance Support

Energy Conservation Study

Expert Witness

Feasibility Study / Alternatives Evaluations

Flare / Flare Header Analysis

Heat Transfer / Heat Exchanger Design

Hydraulics Evaluation

Independent 3rd Party Design Review

Investor Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Support

Licensed Technology Process Deployment

On-site Engineering Support

Packed Tower Design

Pilot Plant Design and Testing Oversight

Preliminary Cost Estimate

Process Design Package (FEL-2, FEL-3, FEED / Basic Engineering Package / Schedule A)

Process Evaluation / Optimization / Debottlenecking

Process Safety Support

Proposal / Tender Support

Scale Up Design

Simulation Tools Development / Process Design Aid Development

Staff Augmentation

Startup Support

Technical Training


Relief Valve Evaluation / Sizing