PROCESS provides chemical engineering services to a vast variety of process industries to ensure fast and efficient solutions for the most challenging situations. Our professional expertise has helped companies in variety of markets all over the world improve their operational efficiency, facility design, and more. Long-term industry experience has provided us the knowledge and resources to develop lasting, effective strategies that benefit your bottom line.

We are proud to provide engineering and process design services to multiple industry markets, including batch chemicals, minerals processing, pharmaceuticals, industrial waste treatment, power generation, and more. Chemical manufacturers, industrial materials processing companies, and more rely on our professional team to provide quality chemical engineering services and solutions for all aspects of their operations.

We provide an array of services for every industrial process market sector to help them overcome difficulties and processing issues. In addition, we can help to ensure operations are running smoothly and minimize down time. While ensuring full regulatory compliance, we also help control the safety and risk management process.

Our portfolio of prominent projects involves a vast range of market areas we have worked in. We are confident that our chemical engineering services will tackle your challenges and provide cost-effective and reliable solutions. Our commitment to excellence and quality customer service speaks for itself. We strive to provide high-quality services and develop long-term and beneficial relationships with our clients.

Learn how our process support and consulting services have helped our clients and the markets we serve below.

Alternative Fuels

Batch Chemical

Continuous Chemical

Explosives / Munitions / Propellants


Foods & Beverages

Metals Processing

Minerals Processing

Nuclear Related


Petroleum Refining


Polymers / Rubber / Paints / Coatings

Pipeline / Terminals

Power Generation & Fuels


Upstream Oil & Gas

Waste Treatment

Water Treatment