Would having a dedicated process engineer on-site during construction of my new industrial process be a benefit?…..YES!

Here’s why:

When you have a process chemical engineer with experience in both plant operations and process design oversee or monitor your new process construction, you can expect things to go much smoother during startup. The process expert can accomplish the following:

  • Ensuring the installation is implemented as originally designed
  • Minimizing costs where practical
  • Providing a single point of contact for questions or site challenges
  • Minimizing disruptions to existing site operations
  • Optimizing the design to meet site specific conditions
  • Delivering an operator friendly, efficient and safe process to your operations department.

Events during recent projects have reminded PROCESS of the importance of having a process engineer on hand during construction to make sure the process integrity of the design remains intact during this phase of the project. Recently, more clients have kept PROCESS on board during detail design for the same reason, but still we are often excluded from the construction phase. It is PROCESS’ belief that an on-site process specialist, in the form of a chemical engineer familiar with the design and possessing extensive production experience, is extremely beneficial during the construction phase.  This serves the purpose of maintaining process integrity, directing minor changes that can result in improved operations and efficiency, and minimizing disruption to existing operations. PROCESS has significant experience in the process engineering aspects of construction, commissioning, startup, and operations. As such we can provide our on-site process implementation specialist to greatly enhance the construction phase of any project, no matter how big or small.

When implementing new construction and/or facility change, you need a cost effective, efficient change process that minimizes disruptions to your existing site operations.  Managing the project to minimize the disruptions is another reason you need a process specialist to oversee process modifications during construction.

PROCESS has chemical process engineers specializing in process implementation that are eager to assist you in getting up and running. These specialists can oversee the new construction and resulting facility changes all the way through commissioning and startup which will minimize time, costs and headaches along the way.

Common questions regarding oversight of process construction and startup:

Question:  Doesn’t it make sense for my plant staff to oversee our new process
construction and startup?
Answer:  Not necessarily. An autonomous dedicated process implementation specialist provides insight on the ways to construct your new process or process change effectively. This keeps your key staff in the loop while allowing them to remain focused on current operations.  This also allows your company to continue to focus on customer satisfaction while your process change is being implemented.

Question:  Our site has undergone some production changes while our design was being completed.  How can a process engineering specialist help in this situation?
Answer:  During the construction phase, the process specialist can verify current site conditions and make changes as needed. This will ensure a quick, efficient and economical construction.

Question:  We are building a brand new facility.  Can you provide assistance for “green field” constructions?
Answer:  Yes. We have experienced plant operations process engineers on staff who are well versed in process engineering construction oversight of new process units. We can oversee your new construction from the day that ground breaking occurs all the way through on-spec production after startup.

Question:  I found used equipment for sale that will dramatically reduce
the cost of fabrication.  Is it OK to install used equipment?
Answer:  This is a great example of when a process engineer, skilled in process construction oversight, can be used to enhance your process change.  We will check to make sure that any used equipment will, or can economically be made to meet the intent of the original design.

Question My site is in a remote area.  Can you still provide assistance?
Answer:  Yes. Our process implementation professionals have done projects in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North America.  We will gladly provide assistance almost anywhere in the world.

Question:  My process design was done by another company.  Can you still
help us achieve our original design goals?
Answer:  Yes. Our process implementation specialist brings the backing of the entire PROCESS team with them.  If issues or questions arise during construction and startup, our design group can rapidly assist to ensure you achieve your design goals.

Question:  I am getting ready to install a small process modification.  Is it really necessary to have an on-site process implementation specialist to assist with this?
Answer:  Yes. To ensure construction, commissioning and startup go as smooth as possible, it is a very good idea to have a process implementation specialist on site at key times even on smaller sized projects.  We can be on site a few days, a month, a few months or long term, depending on your needs.

PROCESS is here to help you facilitate the most effective and efficient construction and startup possible.  Contact us to discuss our ability to oversee your process change, no matter how big or small that change may be.  We can get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Contact us to see if we can help at (865) 220-8722 or by email at info@processengr.com