Conceptual and Preliminary Process Design Services

The first step in any facility’s process design is identifying the process goal and the technical options available to achieve it. PROCESS provides our clients with extensive experience and expert chemical engineers who can determine existing challenges and provide viable solutions for any process expansion. We develop conceptual designs that include flow diagrams, mass and energy balances, equipment needed, rough cost estimates, and more. Our process design services use front-end loading systems that are designed to significantly improve process operations. Learn more about our conceptual and preliminary process designs and projects below.

Conceptual & Preliminary Process Design Services Overview ( Front End Loading FEL-0, FEL-1)

Detailed Process Design Services

This is the stage where we develop process design packages aimed at minimizing process risks while achieving the level of efficiency, reliability, and safety required by the project owner. Each one of our engineering packages includes detailed information about the process design and development, such as a process design basis, datasheets, reports, and more. Learn more about our projects and process design services below.

Detailed Process Design Services Overview (FEL-2, FEL-3, Sch. A, Basic Engineering Pkg. [BEP], Process Design Pkg. [PDP])  

Operations Support Services Overview 

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Process Simulation and Modeling Services Overview 

Environmental Compliance Support Overview