Detailed Process Design Schedule A, FEL-2 / FEL-3 / FEED, or Basic Engineering Packages

Once the process configuration has been clearly defined a detailed process design package can be prepared.  This is very critical to the long term success of the project.

FEL-2 Process Design Package   

The Process Design Package or Front End Engineering Design Study (FEED) will establish the specific set of process operating conditions and equipment necessary to achieve the level of reliability, efficiency, and safety required. This design phase sets the direction for the rest of the project.   At the completion of this phase, a cost estimate of +40%/-20% can typically be developed for the project.

PROCESS puts great emphasis on the development of the Design Basis at the initiation of FEL-2. When the design basis is complete, we typically have the following information defined:

  • Raw material specifications
  • Plant capacity requirements
  • Product specifications
  • Critical plant operating parameters
  • Available utilities specifications
  • Individual unit operations performance requirements
  • Process regulatory requirements
  • All other operating goals and constraints desired by the plant owners/operators/engineers.

Once the design basis is in place, and agreed upon with the client, PROCESS’s team of chemical process engineers goes to work to create, analyze, and optimize the many aspects of the plant design. The end result is process documentation that clearly defines the process.

Typical Process Engineering Deliverables for an FEL-2 package can include the following or a smaller subset of these items:

  • Process design basis
  • Material & Energy Balance (M&EB)
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
  • Process descriptions
  • Utility balances and Utility Flow Diagrams (UFDs)
  • Preliminary Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Process control description
  • Preliminary line/pipe list
  • Preliminary instrument list
  • Process equipment list
  • Preliminary Tie-in list
  • Equipment process datasheets
  • Instrument process datasheets
  • Hydraulic design reports.

FEL-3 Detailed Process Design Package 

The detailed process design package (PDP), which is sometimes referred to as a Schedule A or Basic Engineering Design (BED) package, refers to a completed process design package that includes all the necessary information required by an Engineering/Construction firm or Detail Engineering firm to perform the final engineering of the plant (details such a structural steel supports, buildings, wiring, piping details, insulation, equipment vendor/model selection, etc.). PROCESS provides this package and helps to answer any questions the client or engineering firm might have to ensure a smooth transition into the detail engineering phase. We provide process design  packages for both Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) design requirements.

In addition to updating the items mentioned above in FEL-2, the following items are typically added during the FEL-3 phase.

  • Preliminary general arrangement drawings
  • Preliminary building requirements
  • General description of the project site
  • Budget pricing from vendors on major pieces of equipment
  • Process design philosophies
  • Relief system design basis
  • Relief scenario datasheets and relief valve process datasheets
  • Material Selection Diagrams (MSDs) and piping specifications
  • Tie-in list
  • Identification of power source and location
  • Preliminary single line diagrams
  • Process specialty items list
  • Raw material and product storage and handling requirements
  • Process effluent and emissions summary
  • Process risk analysis (PHA, HAZOP, etc.)
  • Preliminary operating procedures
  • Preliminary product and in-process QC sampling/testing plan
  • Preliminary project schedule.

At the completion of this phase of the project, and cost estimate of +25%/-15% can typically be generated for the project.

Detailed Process Design Schedule A, FEL-2 / FEL-3 / FEED, or Basic Engineering Packages Projects