On-Site Process/Project Engineering Support

PROCESS is a specialty engineering company providing chemical engineering (process engineering) services – an engineering company owned, operated, and managed by chemical engineers.  Most of our work for clients is project-based but our roots are in plant operations.  As such, we employ very well rounded, high-caliber process engineers.  We recruit and hire process engineers as a normal part of our business to support our project assignment needs and in doing so for over 25 years, we have become very good at it.   We know what a top-notch process engineer looks like and can help our clients by providing such qualified engineers to perform on-site engineering work at their facility in a variety of ways on either a short-term or long-term basis.

  • On-site process engineering support of operations
  • On-site process engineering support of project scoping and development
  • On-site capital projects execution support

We approach facility on-site process/project engineering support differently than most because we ARE NOT a placement agency or recruiting company.  Our approach is to have a detailed dialog to thoroughly understand the requirements of the work that our client needs to have performed (technical skills, specific process or unit operations knowledge, communications skills, project management skills, etc.).  Only after doing so will PROCESS suggest a suitable PROCESS engineer for placement with you.

On-site process/project engineering support to our clients is an important part of our business.  Our attitude is that we are glad to try and help you fill an on-site facility process/project engineering need. However, we will not compromise our reputation by offering up anyone we feel may be a poor fit or unable to complete your assignments.  Our process engineers experienced in plant operations keep their hardhat and boots close at hand to be ready to assist our production facility clients.

Keep in mind, if you contract with PROCESS for on-site process/project engineering support, you are not only  filling an important on-site position with a highly-qualified process engineer, you are gaining as-needed hourly rate access to our full-time staff of 50 very experienced process engineers and their associated engineering tools (simulation software, etc.).  With over 1,000 years of combined process design, plant operations, and process safety experience, there are very few process problems we haven’t seen and can’t help you quickly solve.  So, whether you need a senior level process engineer with extensive capital project execution experience, or a more entry level process engineer who has excellent skills, please give us a call.

Contact us at (865) 220-8722 or by email at info@processengr.com