PROCESS has added to its excellent staff a very high caliber process engineer who has significant petroleum refining design and operations experience. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Michael Tanzio to our Gilbertsville, PA office team. Mike brings a great deal of experience to our team that our refining clients will benefit from for years to come. A summary of his qualifications is provided below.

Mr. Michael (Mike) Tanzio, Chief Process Engineer, a chemical engineer (M.S., Purdue University, 1977) with 42 years experience in process research & development and design including process modeling/simulation, process development, process safety analysis, piloting, troubleshooting and debottlenecking of a variety of processes including oil refining, gas processing, petrochemicals, biomass processing, energy and other chemical production processes, as well as providing process engineering leadership to many engineering / construction capital projects involving the conceptual, FEED, detailed design, and construction phases. Select refinery experience includes the following locations, projects, and duties:

Sonangol Lobito Refinery, Lobito, Angola – New Amine Regeneration unit, Sour Water Stripper, Sulfur Recovery unit and Saturated Gas Plant for a grassroots 200,00 BPD refinery. Work scope development and man-hour estimates for detailed engineering for multiple refinery units (FEED).

Suncor Montreal Refinery, Montreal Quebec, Canada – Delayed Coker LPG olefins hydrotreater (Process design package).

TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery, Immingham, UK – New diesel / heating oil hydrotreater including a new hydrodesulfurization unit, hydrogen plant, sulfur recovery unit, sour water stripper, and amine regeneration unit and utility systems upgrade (FEED).

KNPC Shuaiba Refinery, Shuaiba, Kuwait – Amine (MEA) treating facilities for treating sour gas (FEED).

Sunoco Eagle Point Refinery, Westville, NJ (Shutdown) – Low sulfur gasoline hydrotreater (Detailed / Construction). Out-of-service gasoline hydrotreater revamp (Conceptual). Cumene unit revamp expansion (FEED / Detailed).

Sunoco Point Breeze Refinery, Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Energy Solutions) – Low sulfur gasoline hydrotreater (Detailed / Construction). FCC debottlenecking revamp including the FCC feed preheat train, wet gas compressor, main fractionator, gas plant and existing gas caustic treating system. (Conceptual). New FCC flue gas economizer (Conceptual). Propane Terminal Upgrade (Conceptual / FEED). Hydrogen Purification membrane unit (Conceptual). Flare header replacement / Relief valve adequacy (Conceptual / FEED / Detailed). Absorption tower performance (Conceptual). TAME unit study (Conceptual). Deisobutanizer modifications (Conceptual). Crude unit relief study (Conceptual).

Chevron / Sunoco Girard Point Refinery, Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Energy Solutions) – MTBE offsites revamp including marine barge unloading, component storage, gasoline blending, gasoline storage, and oxygenate removal unit (FEED / Detailed). Butane isomerization offsites including feed preparation, feed storage, and utilities (FEED)Refinery steam production economics (Study).

Sunoco Toledo Refinery, Toledo, Ohio (PBF Energy) – Crude unit / FCC debottlenecking revamp (Conceptual). Low sulfur gasoline hydrotreater (Detailed / Construction).

Sunoco Marcus Hook Refinery, Marcus Hook, PA (Shutdown, now an “Industrial Complex”) – Flare header and process vent study (Conceptual).

Mobil / Valero Paulsboro Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ (PBF Energy) – CHD relief valve study (Conceptual). ZSM-5 catalyst commercial plant test (Research & Development). FCC unit performance monitoring (Tech service). HF Alkylation unit debottleneck revamp including FCC gas plant (FEED / Detailed). Refinery relief load study (Conceptual).

Conoco Bayway Refinery, Linden, NJ (Phillips66) – Flare header and process vent study (Conceptual).

Star Enterprise Delaware City Refinery, Delaware City, DE (PBF Energy) – Refinery strategies for reformulated gasoline production (Conceptual). Propane storage vapor recovery (Conceptual). Benzene railcar facility (FEED / Detailed).

Marathon Garyville Refinery, Garyville, LA – HF Alkylation unit equipment corrosion (Study). HF acid truck unloading overpressure protection (Conceptual). HF Alkylation unit relief load mitigation strategy (Study).

Citgo Paulsboro Asphalt Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ (Axeon Specialty Products) – Crude and Vacuum unit relief valve modifications (FEED / Detailed). Caustic pipeline pig station (FEED). Boiler feedwater and service water systems debottleneck revamp (Conceptual). P&ID updates for OSHA 1910 (Tech service).

BP Trainer Refinery, Trainer, PA (Monroe Energy/Delta Airlines) – Light ends rail facility (FEED / Detailed). Catalytic Reformer benzene reduction & chloride treating (Conceptual / FEED / Detailed). Vacuum tower vacuum system and hot well revamp (Conceptual).

Process Simulator Skills:

    • Simci (Pro/II, VisualFlare)
    • Hyprotech (Hysys, Flarenet)
    • Aspen (AspenPlus, Icarus Process Evaluator)
    • BR&E (ProMax)
    • CHEMCAD.