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Develop a process simulation model for a batch thermo-chemical energy storage steam generation demonstration unit.
Prepare a conceptual process design project for a new greenfield hazardous waste processing facility to aid in the project planning and permitting process.
Prepare equipment specifications and P&IDs for a Flare and Thermal Oxidation Unit for a detail engineering firm involved in the design/build of a new plastics recycling facility.
Prepare a detailed process design package (FEL-3) of a scaled-up semi-conductor related production plant to be built in Taiwan based on data and information from two existing production facilities in the US .
Perform a 3rd party review, for a process equipment design/fabrication company, of a HYSYS simulation / material and energy balance for a carbon dioxide (CO2) compression process.
Prepare FEL-2 level process design packages for three (3) planned polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production process debottlenecking and expansion projects.
Provide process engineering and control design support for a plant trial of a wedge-wire filter used in the treatment of process wastewater and stormwater as a potential replacement of an existing Lamella Gravity Settler.
Develop preliminary standard operating procedures for a new refining crude topping unit.
Perform a technical evaluation and preliminary FEL-1 designs for process improvement modifications to correct shortcomings related to the controls of an existing hot oil system providing heat to multiple users within a monomer production plant.
Provide process troubleshooting for reducing fouling in a metals electroplating process.
Provide lead process engineering services for the OSBL portions of a refinery revamp designed to support the restart and major modifications for the production of biodiesel.
Perform an independent 3rd party technical evaluation of a new electrolytic process technology used to purify metals.
Provide an independent 3rd party due diligence technical review of an HCl purification and recovery system, as well as provide insight and recommendations on incorporating the system into existing facility operations.
Develop 'As-Built' piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for a batch chemical manufacturer in preparation for an upcoming process hazards analysis (PHA).
Develop an FEL-3 detailed process design package for a novel magnesium extraction process and provide the startup client with continued process engineering support throughout detail engineering, construction, and startup.
Perform a debottlenecking study of an aging Gas Dehydration Unit (GDU) treating natural gas from a declining gas field.
Develop an FEL-1 preliminary process design for the production of sulfate of potash by a process that produces molten potassium bisulfate which is ultimately converted into sulfate of potash.
Perform a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling study to understand the flow and residence time of a polymer melt material as it passes through a series of polymer aging tanks at a US polymer manufacturing facility.
Work with the corporate engineering group of a world-wide chemicals manufacturer to identify and develop GHG emissions reduction alternatives and viable projects across their US production facility assets.
Assist an engineering company client in the development of process models for a new style rotary cooler designed to also impart a surface additive to the crushed solids being processed.
Develop a preliminary process design for a modified ammonia scrubber system to increase the overall system capacity at a chemical manufacturing facility.
Develop an FEL-1 preliminary process design and CAPEX for a new polyester and a new polyurethane reaction system.
Develop a preliminary process design for a commercial sized process by scaling up a pilot data for the recovery of precious metals from recycled automobile catalytic converters.
Provide a process engineering assessment and corrective recommendations to improve the operations of a rotating MSW biomass conversion reactor.