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Assist a major US defense contractor in submitting a proposal to the US Government for the management and operation (M&O) of a US Army ammunition plant.
Analyze and determine the root cause of issues that damaged a Urea Reactor at a plant site that produces agricultural, industrial, and animal feed chemicals.
Provide on-site process engineering support to a US chemicals manufacture at multiple different plant sites to support a wide variety of projects, products, and facility improvement initiatives.
Assist an engineering company client with a comprehensive utilities study of a National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) production facility that included potable water, chilled water, cooling tower water, demineralized water, steam and condensate, natural gas, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, compressed air, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer were studied.
Develop a dynamic simulation of a batch flash stripping operation (stripping vessel including the vessel jacket and overhead condenser) to understand the required stripping time, equipment limitations, and to inform the selection of heat transfer equipment and heat transfer fluids for a silicone polymers and lubricants manufacturer.  
Perform an independent design review of a Distillation and Dehydration Unit process design package (PDP) developed by others.
Investigate / troubleshoot significant CO2 losses, and develop corrective process alternatives for correcting these losses at a sodium bicarbonate production facility in the US.
Develop and evaluate process alternatives for replacing an aging hot oil vapor system at a large chemical manufacturing facility.  
Provide multiple technology and process design reviews of a client's pilot-plant core technology regarding novel approaches for utilizing electro-extraction to recover post-consumer electronics black mass metals.
Develop a scaled up stripping column to recover chloramine and an absorption column to concentrate the recovered chloramine in water for a pilot scale facility working to develop an efficient process to devulcanize rubber from used tires and recover the carbon black, rubber, steel, etc.
Provide a front-end engineering and design (FEED) study for the expansion/ debottlenecking of the utility and auxiliary systems for a spinning line at a specialty fiber production facility.
Provide process design services in the development of a simulation model, process flow diagram (PFD), and preliminary equipment sizing for an ethanol distillation process to produce vodka for a beverage OEM equipment fabrication company.
Provide lead process engineers to support a large portfolio of 20+ process safety compliance projects at a US specialty chemical manufacturing site.
Provide Owner's Engineering support to a client exploring strategies and process flow steps to develop pilot-to-commercial manufacturing technologies for pyrolysis, synthesis gas (syngas) purification, and hydrogen fuel systems.
Develop a process design (FEL-2, FEL-3) and serve as Owner's Engineer during detailed engineering for a greenfield bio-plastics production plant.
Develop a process simulation model for a batch thermo-chemical energy storage steam generation demonstration unit.
Prepare a conceptual process design project for a new greenfield hazardous waste processing facility to aid in the project planning and permitting process.
Prepare equipment specifications and P&IDs for a Flare and Thermal Oxidation Unit for a detail engineering firm involved in the design/build of a new plastics recycling facility.
Prepare a detailed process design package (FEL-3) of a scaled-up semi-conductor related production plant to be built in Taiwan based on data and information from two existing production facilities in the US .
Perform a 3rd party review, for a process equipment design/fabrication company, of a HYSYS simulation / material and energy balance for a carbon dioxide (CO2) compression process.
Prepare FEL-2 level process design packages for three (3) planned polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production process debottlenecking and expansion projects.
Provide process engineering and control design support for a plant trial of a wedge-wire filter used in the treatment of process wastewater and stormwater as a potential replacement of an existing Lamella Gravity Settler.
Develop preliminary standard operating procedures for a new refining crude topping unit.
Perform a technical evaluation and preliminary FEL-1 designs for process improvement modifications to correct shortcomings related to the controls of an existing hot oil system providing heat to multiple users within a monomer production plant.