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Provide support in the preparation of a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan for a United States Army facility.

Develop simulation models for the liquid propane refrigeration section at an LNG liquefaction facility to determine the impact to the propane compressor horsepower using three different qualities of propane refrigerant.

Define technically feasible process alternatives and develop a preliminary FEL-1 level design for a process to purify a newly available dirty hydrogen stream and recycle it back into the client's refinery operations.

Review the design of the vent collection, nitrogen supply skid, and scrubbing system in a Propylene Oxide unit to prevent possible backflow of such contaminants.

Provide independent process owner’s engineer services in an effort to validate that an overseas oil refinery design/build project meets client objectives, reduces overall risk, and evaluate alternative refinery configurations.

Provide a process technical review of a proposed design for an Energetic Waste Incinerator (EWI) and support preparation of a 65% Request for Proposal (RFP) package to an A/E firm in support of a government-owned ammunition production plant in the US.

Perform sizing validation services for safety-relief devices at three (3) newly purchased ethanol production facilities in the US for the corporate engineering group of a large ethanol production company.

Provide process engineering support of a preliminary process design and to assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a thermal treatment process for the disposal of waste energetic materials at an explosives production facility.

Review the design concept of venting several Propylene Oxide (PO) vent streams to the existing flare stack to eliminate the possibility of backflow of caustic to the PO sources, as well as specify a safety relief device, evaluate existing thermal relief valves on the PO system, and update a SIL-2 reverse flow protection design on the PO feed line to the main reactor at a chemical manufacturing facility.

Troubleshoot control issues and recommend improvements on a rented package steam boiler at an independent petroleum refiner and producer of specialty lubricating oils and waxes.

Identifying potential impacts and make mitigating recommendations to an existing wastewater treatment system (WWTS) that could be negatively effected from the change in chemicals used in the upstream process at a truck body manufacturing facility.

Provide process engineering services and a due diligence review for a vendor-supplied HCl purification system, as well as provide insight and recommendations on incorporating the system into existing facility operations at an Australian mining site.

Provide process engineering services to develop an FEL-2.5 detailed process design package of a polyester polyol pilot unit suitable for competitive bidding to process skid fabricators.

Develop an FEL-2.5 process design package for a new polyester polyol production facility.

Develop an FEL-2/3 design package for a new upgraded pigment reactor system for a multi-national operating company corporate engineering group.

Provide process engineering design support for technology selection, specification preparation, detail process design support, and test support for a specialized gas capture system related to isotope separation research.

Develop a process design package for a uranium dissolution system that converts uranium oxides and uranium nitrate into a uranyl nitrate solution, as well as provide process design training to client staff chemical process engineers.

Provide turnaround support to a methanol production facility.
Provide a preliminary independent process engineering evaluation to understand the code requirements for secondary containment and ventilation for a new outdoor truck unloading station and indoor bulk storage tanks at an existing chemical production facility.

Evaluate and suggest improvements to an existing caustic scrubber designed to remove HCl fumes.

Design a custom 3-phase heat exchanger and separation system.

Develop a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model for a custom butterfly valve in a specialized chemical plant application.
Perform a technical evaluation and process design support for safety enhancements and a SIL 3 system specification designed to prevent possible catastrophic events related to backflow in a Propylene Oxide system.

Provide subcontracted process engineering services to the prime detail engineering company for the design of an outside battery limits (OSBL) relief system for a commercial scale polypropylene plastics recycling recycling facility.

Prepare an FEL-1 level preliminary process design for a facility designed to significantly expand an existing production unit.