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Update process design information for an MSW carbonizer process, including vendor equipment information, based recent pilot-plant trial results.
Provide process engineering support to help evaluate a plant expansion to significantly increase pigment production using new process technology at either an existing US facility or at a European facility.
Develop an FEL-0/1 preliminary process design package for both the synthesis and finishing operations for a blue pigment as well as generate a series of comparable cost estimates to either relocate the systems or replace them in other locations.
Perform an FEL-1 study and preliminary process design for relocating and/or replacing existing equipment associated with an aging pigment semi-finishing operation.
Perform a series of remote and on-site process engineering design and operations support tasks for a US chemical manufacturing facility.
Evaluate the problematic operation of a batch reactor and accompanying overhead condenser at a pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing plant.
PROCESS was contracted to develop an Aspen simulation model and FEL-1 preliminary process design with CAPEX and OPEX for a commercial scale direct air CO2 capture plant.
Provide on-site and remote process engineering support during detail design and construction of a new/upgraded pigment reactor system.
Develop an FEL-1 preliminary process design of a process that recovers precious metals from spent catalytic converters.
Develop an AspenPlus simulation model and other process design information for a novel alternative electricity pilot-plant unit for a technology development company.
Perform a process technical and economic alternative evaluation for a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), followed by preparing basic process design documentation for a detailed design company in Turkey for a system to be sold to a large multinational oil and gas processing company.  
Perform relief device sizing services for a specialty chemical manufacturing facility as a sub-contractor to an engineering company.  
Provide an independent 3rd party design review for process design information developed by the client for oil/water/gas treatment units which process injection gas that is above the critical point.  
Prepare a first pass simulation model for a new modular Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) for an equipment design/manufacturing company in Canada.  
Prepare as-built P&ID drawings for a southeast US mine / minerals processing facility.
Provide process design/development support (development of preliminary process design information) for a supplier of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products (the client) to a analyze and evaluate the client’s collection of process information from an old plant processing scheme for the de-tinning of metal stamping scrap copper.
Update an existing flare header simulation model to include new relief devices and then evaluate the adequacy of the flare header system at an independent petroleum refinery.  
Develop a testing protocol for solid waste sludge characterization that would help predict the morphology of a particular sludge feed being fed into the client's custom sludge dryer equipment at a waste treatment facility that was experiencing difficulty maintaining consistent feed rate and product moisture level.
Identify alternative cooling configurations in an operating plant to minimize or eliminate the use of a legacy river water cooling system.  
Perform a Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA) of a grain storage facility which is capable of receiving, storing, drying, and discharging the following grains; corn, canola, soy, and wheat.  
Provide process engineering support for the development of facilities design for radioactive liquid waste processing units in an effort to clean and decommission large waste storage tanks at the federal site in Aiken, SC.
Provide process engineering technical support and staff augmentation to a ground water remediation efforts at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site.
Develop a predictive process model in Excel using VBA to study the effects of equipment (tanks) removal on the process for a specialty chemicals manufacturing facility.
Provide hands-on shift-work process engineering support for pilot-plant testing of a solids filtration and ion exchange extraction system for the removal of cesium from a radioactive waste stream at the Department of Energy Hanford Site.
Perform CFD modeling and heat exchanger evaluation of large mixed nuclear waste tanks at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site.