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Selection of Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) within a refining or petrochemical process Safety Instrumented System (SIS). Incorporation of these SILs into the clients PSM/RMP program.
Perform layer of protection analyses (LOPAs) for numerous clients in order to assign target SILs to the safety instrumented functions of safety instrumented systems.
Perform a technical evaluation and process design support for safety enhancements and a SIL 3 system specification designed to prevent possible catastrophic events related to backflow in a Propylene Oxide system.
Develop a complete PSM and RMP program at multiple U.S. chemical manufacturer's locations.

Review the design concept of venting several Propylene Oxide (PO) vent streams to the existing flare stack to eliminate the possibility of backflow of caustic to the PO sources, as well as specify a safety relief device, evaluate existing thermal relief valves on the PO system, and update a SIL-2 reverse flow protection design on the PO feed line to the main reactor at a chemical manufacturing facility.

Evaluate deflagration mitigation systems on a pressurized syngas vessel.

Review the design of the vent collection, nitrogen supply skid, and scrubbing system in a Propylene Oxide unit to prevent possible backflow of such contaminants.