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Prepare an FEL-1 level preliminary process design for a facility designed to significantly expand an existing production unit.
Develop an FEL-2 level process design package and cost estimate for an MSW to electricity production and technology demonstration facility.  
Develop a conceptual process design for the treatment of a complex nuclear transuranic waste material.
Develop an FEL-1 preliminary process design and cost estimates for a Demonstration Scale Rubber Recovery Plant utilizing used tires as a raw material feedstock.
Process engineering and design services for a mixed waste treatment facility treating a variety of mixed, RCRA-hazardous, and TSCA wastes.
Develop a computer process simulation model for predicting system operating parameters for various incinerator hazardous feed rates and compositions.
Design of a size-reduction and reacted/slurried ceramic in water mixture process for the production of a ceramic product as part of a waste thermal treatment system.
Detailed technical and economic evaluation of critical operations associated with a biological sludge pretreatment system to prepare a sludge stream for continuous processing through a thermal treatment system.
Process design of a pretreatment and bulk feed system for the continuous processing of a biological sludge stream through a thermal treatment system.
Provide air pollution control systems process modeling assistance in order to improve and optimize waste incineration facility performance.
Develop process design information for a system to separate hexane from a mixture of Invert Oil and hexane.
Preparation of a preliminary process design package for a natural gas well condensate splitter unit.
Design a water based scrubber system to scrub flue gases on an oxy-fuel combustion power generation system.
Provide an independent chemical engineering peer review of a novel heat cycle developed by a licensed technology provider.
Provide independent engineering evaluation and refinement in support of the development of a novel heat engine concept.
Cost savings project to develop a mass and energy balance of a recycle system on an SO2 scrubbing unit that would return expensive unreacted di-basic acid additive to the system.
Perform a feasibility study by creating specific process simulation cases followed by development of a rough cost estimate of a new technology (liquid air energy storage system) when incorporated into a commercial scale electric power generation plant.
Subcontracted process engineering support on a new CO2CO2 capture pilot plant project encompassing design, procurement, installation, and startup activities. Read USA Today article on this project and a subsequent News Article discussing the plant operation results.
Work with both a natural gas producer and an ammonia technology provider to develop a preliminary process design package and cost estimate for a small scale ammonia process using natural gas as a feedstock.
Engineering support for various operations associated with anhydrous ammonia (NH3NH3) pipeline systems which include transport lines, booster stations, hot and cold (cryogenic) storage facilities and terminal flare systems.
Develop process design information needed to assist a polyurethane manufacturer in switching over an existing process from using water to using a hydrocarbon based material as the foam 'blowing agent'.
Provide process engineering support throughout detail engineering for the design, procurement, and construction of a specialty polymer pilot-plant.
Develop a process design package (basic engineering package) for a caprolactam drying system.
Provide process design services in support of a new high-purity titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4TICL4) distillation train.
Investigate, simulate, and redesign a distillation train for series operation to purify titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4TICL4) and remove unwanted color bodies.