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Develop draft operating procedures (startup and shutdown) for a new modular Crude Distillation Unit.
Develop detailed operating procedures for a catalytic extraction waste treatment plant during facility pre-startup activities.
Evaluate the existing controls on a chlor-alkali hydrogen system at a plastics manufacturing facility and seek to identify improvement opportunities.
Provide process engineering assistance to troubleshoot a scaled up process for the production of a new batch polymer.
Provide on-site process engineering commissioning and qualification support of an FDA regulated consumer health product manufacturing process.
Develop refinery process safety information for the purpose of compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations.
Develop a summary table of safe operating limits (SOLs) for each of the processing units within a U.S. based refinery.
Design management, equipment/instrument procurement, and fabrication oversight and assistance, construction oversight, and startup for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) utilities systems.
Provide a wide variety of operations support assistance to a national nuclear research facility.
Key assistance in the design, procurement, installation, and startup of a greenfield coke manufacturing facility.
Prepare a process piping construction package and operating procedures for a new acid cleaning line at a specialty metals production facility.
On-site process design and engineering support for the complete design, pilot plant program, startup, and commissioning of a new wastewater treatment facility.
Process/project engineering assistance for process improvement upgrades on two lines of batch reaction systems in a chemical manufacturing facility producing specialty metal powder products.
Evaluate and validate rupture disk sizing for multiple raw material tanks at a food additives manufacturing facility.
Provide implementation support for a new pilot-scale mol-sieve saturation system, as well as develop a full scale process design and implementation support for a similar production scale system.
Provide process engineering services in support of a host of different capital projects at an edible oils production facility.
Provide process design, vendor selection, operating procedures, and startup assistance for a new cooling tower at an FDA regulated edible oil manufacturing plant.
Provide process engineering and project engineering support to design and install a new truck loading/unloading station at an edible oil manufacturing facility.
Develop a process design package and provide project management, equipment commissioning, and startup support for a new edible oil Hydrogenation system.
Perform an independent process engineering evaluation of both an acid production process and competing products.
Teach Management of Change (MOC) training courses at client plant operating sites.
Provide process engineering assistance to a manufacturing facility in balancing the pressure profile in a large vent system associated with a pollution control system.
Perform a process evaluation / risk assessment and develop recommended process modifications to support implementing the use of pure oxygen instead of air in a batch reaction process.
Prepare a detailed process design package for a new oilfield chemicals blend plant.