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Provide on-site process engineering commissioning and qualification support of an FDA regulated consumer health product manufacturing process.
Prepare a process piping construction package and operating procedures for a new acid cleaning line at a specialty metals production facility.
On-site process design and engineering support for the complete design, pilot plant program, startup, and commissioning of a new wastewater treatment facility.
Provide implementation support for a new pilot-scale mol-sieve saturation system, as well as develop a full scale process design and implementation support for a similar production scale system.
Execute small capital projects at an edible oil manufacturing plant.
Provide process engineering services in support of a host of different capital projects at an edible oils production facility.
Provide process design, vendor selection, operating procedures, and startup assistance for a new cooling tower at an FDA regulated edible oil manufacturing plant.
Provide process engineering and project engineering support to design and install a new truck loading/unloading station at an edible oil manufacturing facility.
Provide process engineering design, project management, commissioning, and startup services for the installation of a new edible oil deodorizer system.
Develop a process design package and provide project management, equipment commissioning, and startup support for a new edible oil Hydrogenation system.
Perform an independent process engineering evaluation of both an acid production process and competing products.
Perform a process evaluation / risk assessment and develop recommended process modifications to support implementing the use of pure oxygen instead of air in a batch reaction process.