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Provide process engineering design support for technology selection, specification preparation, detail process design support, and test support for a specialized gas capture system related to isotope separation research.

Develop a process design package for a uranium dissolution system that converts uranium oxides and uranium nitrate into a uranyl nitrate solution, as well as provide process design training to client staff chemical process engineers.

Provide turnaround support to a methanol production facility.
Provide a preliminary independent process engineering evaluation to understand the code requirements for secondary containment and ventilation for a new outdoor truck unloading station and indoor bulk storage tanks at an existing chemical production facility.

Provide subcontracted process engineering services to the prime detail engineering company for the design of an outside battery limits (OSBL) relief system for a commercial scale polypropylene plastics recycling recycling facility.

Develop plant-wide lock-out/tag-out procedures for a chemical manufacturing plant.
Evaluate applicable technology solutions to treat/mitigate NO2 emissions from gas cylinder storage cabinet at a specialty gas manufacturing facility.
Develop a ROM level preliminary capital cost estimate for a new modular Naphtha Processing Plant.
Develop draft operating procedures (startup and shutdown) for a new modular Crude Distillation Unit.
Perform an independent engineering technical design review of a modular Crude Distillation Unit.
Provide a third party review of P&IDs developed for a novel asphalt production technology package.
Develop an FEL-2 level process design package and cost estimate for an MSW to electricity production and technology demonstration facility.  
Assess, recommend, and re-tune a series of existing control loops on all the fired heaters throughout the plant in an effort to improve heater performance and reduce trip events.
Conduct a process evaluation and optimization study to improve a adsorption system at a chemical production facility.
Provide process engineering Subject Matter Expert support to an EPC engineering company during detail engineering of a new Polypropylene production facility.
Serve as Subject Matter Expert on a full-service EPC team during the development a Process Design Package covering the Polymerization section for a new Gas-Phase Polyethylene Plant.
Develop a conceptual process design for the treatment of a complex nuclear transuranic waste material.
Design a modular process Vacuum Distillation Pilot-Plant to process heavy oil feed streams.
Develop process simulation models to aide in the development of preliminary process design information and the evaluation of several small-scale electric generation power cycles.
Develop an FEL-1 Design Package for a new skid package Spray Dryer System (SDS) at a paint pigment manufacturing facility.
Provide a preliminary process design for an Ammonium Hydroxide solution storage and delivery system skid.
Serve as Subject Matter Expert on a full-service EPC team during the development a Process Design Package covering the Polymerization section for a new Gas-Phase Polyethylene Plant.
Walkdown and develop P&IDs for the Natural Gas distribution system at a specialty metals production facility.
Walkdown and develop As-Built P&ID drawings of the Process Safety Management (PSM) covered portions of the ethanol production facility.
Develop a process design of heat transfer fluid cooling loop, perform a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and purchase and install equipment for conversion and operation with Paratherm