Project Synopsis

Design of new high-capacity alkylate pump in hydrofluoric (HF) alkylation process unit.

Project Summary


The client operates an independent refinery in the U.S. The client produces alkylate from a HF alkylation process unit and sends it to a storage tank to be used for gasoline blending. Although the existing pump is adequate for low blending rates, there are seasonal blending demands that require a high-capacity pump to achieve marketing objectives.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was hired to provide the process design for the new high-capacity pump taking into account some unique limitations, i.e., low suction pressure (NPSHa), remote location, and low volatile organic (VOC) emissions requirements.  PROCESS provided the process design, performed hydraulic pressure drop calculations, evaluated vendor quotes, and provided technical assistance for pump seal selection to minimize VOC emissions considering the remote pump location.  PROCESS then performed project management duties to ensure the successful installation of the pump.

The timely and successful implementation of this project enabled the client to be advantageously positioned to receive the seasonal benefits of higher gasoline blending rates.

Industry Type

  • Petroleum Refining

Utilized Skills

  • Pressure drop calculations
  • Pump seal selection
  • Project management

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