Project Synopsis

Provide support in the preparation of a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan for a United States Army facility.

Project Summary

Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by a prime contractor to the U.S. Government to provide support in the preparation of a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan for the United State Army facilities and operations at Fort Meade, Maryland.  Due to the expertise demonstrated early in this project and reassignment of client personnel, the scope of this project was increased to include almost all work associated with preparation of this P2 plan.  The client participation was limited to arranging interviews and providing coordination with Fort Meade personnel.  In completing this project, PROCESS performed the following:

  • Developed a pre-interview questionnaire, which was sent Ft. Meade by the client, to collect data from Ft. Meade environmental coordinators
  • Led a field effort at Ft. Meade to meet and interview environmental coordinators of the Directorate of Logistics, Directorate of Public Works, and Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities to obtain input to the P2 Plan and to evaluate waste generating processes and/or facilities
  • Identified pollution prevention opportunities related to hazardous waste, solid waste, air emissions, water and wastewater, Toxic Release Inventory, EPA priority chemicals, ozone-depleting substances, and vehicle fuel and energy conservation
  • Evaluated the technical feasibility, prepared preliminary capital and operating costs, and estimated the payback period for identified P2 opportunities
  • Developed and published the Fort Meade P2 Plan consistent with U. S. Army and Department of Defense guidance.

Industry Type

Military Facilities Operations


Utilized Skills

  • Environmental compliance support
  • Pollution mitigation opportunity identification
  • Process alternatives evaluation and preliminary FEL-1 process design.

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