Project Synopsis

Preparation of as-built P&IDs for multiple petroleum refineries.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates a small, independent petroleum refinery.  As part of an overall Process Safety Management upgrades project, Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to prepare as-built piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) from scratch for the entire refinery.  To accomplish this, PROCESS project team members spent several weeks on site hand-sketching all unit operations, piping and piping details, and instrumentation.  This information was computer-drafted into comprehensive P&IDs back in the PROCESS offices.  The scope of work included the following refinery units:

  • Crude
  • Reformer
  • Gas Hydrotreater
  • Kerosene Hydrotreater
  • Gasoline Stabilizer
  • Fuel Gas.

The P&IDs contained the following information:

  • Primary and secondary refinery unit operations
  • Local and remote controls, instrumentation, alarms, and interlocks
  • Primary and secondary process and utilities piping, and pipe fittings and piping details
  • Valve and flange numbers for use with the refinery Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program
  • Pressure relief valve (PRV or PSV) locations and details (sizes and set pressures)
  • Valve normal position indications (open or closed).

The project was particularly challenging due to the fact that there were no unit operation or line labels existing in the refinery at the time of this project.  As such, significant previous experience with refinery operations was required.

In addition to the P&IDs preparation task, PROCESS performed an evaluation of the refinery LDAR program as well as a process and regulatory review of the refinery wastewater treatment system during the course of this project.

Industry Type

  • Petroleum Refining

Utilized Skills

  • Instrumentation/controls
  • Field data collection
  • Process documentation
  • Process engineering
  • Process safety

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