Project Synopsis

Perform a due diligence study and on-site evaluation of an existing batch process facility location to determine suitability for purchase and installation of a new biodiesel process.

Project Summary


The client is considering several potential sites to build a biodiesel plant.  One of the sites under consideration is a batch chemical plant for sale.  The site had several buildings and relatively new process equipment in place.  This equipment consisted of batch reactor vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, piping, tank farms, boilers, cooling towers, and other miscellaneous process and utilities operations.

The client contacted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) and requested that PROCESS perform an on-site evaluation and report on the suitability of this equipment and location for installing a biodiesel process, i.e. a plant due-diligence study.  PROCESS spent time at the prospective site reviewing the equipment and site logistics with a client representative.  PROCESS performed process engineering level equipment inspections, utility availability analyses, and the overall site layout. PROCESS outlined the pros and cons of the site from a process engineering perspective based on design experience with other biodiesel processes and facilities.  The information was used by the client to compare this site to other potential sites in a continuing search for the best location for their initial plant.

Industry Type

  • Biodiesel Alternative Fuels


Utilized Skills

  • Plant site evaluations
  • Process plant due diligence
  • Process equipment inspection and evaluation

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