Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering design and support of a new scrubber system for capturing boron trifluoride (BF3) and boron trichloride (BCl3BCL3) vapors.

Project Summary


The client, an industrial gases and chemicals concern, contracted with Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) for support of the design and installation of a new Boron Scrubber System at one of the client’s U.S. facilities. The primary purpose of this work was to assist the client in all process engineering and design aspects of the project including design, procurement, and installation of the new system.

The following tasks were completed:

  • Detailed process design basis development involved the development of the baseline information that governed all subsequent process design tasks for the new scrubber system and associated piping and ductwork.   PROCESS conducted a literature search to identify reference documents describing fuming white plume caused by boron reaction with ambient air.  This effort was enhanced through a site visit to the client’s boron trifluoride (BF3) supplier.
  • Vendor identification, final specification development, request for proposal (RFP) preparation support, and bid evaluation commentary. PROCESS prepared the technical portions of a detailed RFP document for the new scrubber system.  PROCESS modified the existing RFP developed by the client for the following changes in equipment scope: addition of chemical storage, blow-down neutralization, exhaust fan, exhaust stack, and high voltage cabinet.  PROCESS provided value-added enhancements to the RFP by adding site data, equipment design specifications, and testing protocols.  PROCESS also provided three additional vetted scrubber vendors for proposal bidding purposes, as well as assisted the client through the development of a bid tabulation and provided support in final vendor selection.
  • Preliminary mass and energy balance (M&EB) preparation involved the development of a preliminary M&EB for the new scrubber system. This consisted of major process properties. PROCESS determined the appropriate scrubber chemistry and modeled/simulated the process.
  • Preliminary process flow diagram (PFD) preparation involved utilizing the M&EB information generated to prepare a PFD for the scrubber process.
  • Preliminary piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) preparation of the scrubber system.
  • Preliminary permit impact assessment involved PROCESS’ review and comment on the existing plant air and water permits.  PROCESS then developed a written summary of the impact of the scrubber addition and informed the client to the appropriate action steps required.
  • Hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP) participation involved participation by PROCESS in a HAZOP of the process design once the process design level P&IDs were completed.
  • Disposition of HAZOP results involved finalizing process documents and modifying process design information generated to date as needed based on the HAZOP meeting findings.
  • Hydraulic modeling of process vents and air ductwork involved using PROCESS’ simulation tools (CHEMCAD) to calculate and verify the size for each line/duct in the process.  PROCESS then provided a Line Sizing Capacity Summary Table showing the calculated sizing information in tabular format.
  • Vendor submittal document review involved participation in the review and commenting of appropriate process-related documents submitted by the scrubber system vendors.
  • Preliminary general arrangement drawing development involved the preparation of a preliminary drawing that depicts a 2-D plan view of the proposed layout of the new scrubber system.
  • Oversight during detailed design and installation involved participation by PROCESS’ lead process engineer as needed to help ensure the integrity of the process design was maintained.
  • Commissioning and startup support involved participation by PROCESS’ lead process engineer as needed.

Industry Type

  • Industrial Gases and Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Scrubber system design

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