Project Synopsis

Provide lead process engineers to support a large portfolio of 20+ process safety compliance projects at a US specialty chemical manufacturing site.

Project Summary

The client, a specialty chemicals manufacturer, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide two full-time lead process engineers to support a multimillion-dollar portfolio of 20+ process safety compliance projects.  The projects were initiated by a variety of different requirements and audits, and the client wanted to align the projects under a Process Safety Program governed by a single program-level Design Basis.

PROCESS performed the following roles for the client:

  • Developer of the program-level Design Basis for the batch facility with over 100 products and 300 chemicals manufactured in multi-purpose equipment
  • Manager of the relief system design and design basis in alignment with client standards for 600+ protected systems which included data collection, progress tracking, and coordination with two additional engineering firms
  • Lead process engineer for FEL-3 of the Local Exhaust Ventilation project which included reviewing the 3rd-party design package, performing calculations to determine % Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) in the vent header for 20+ chemicals, developing operating guidelines to avoid problematic concentrations, and ensuring safeguards from the process hazards analysis were incorporated into the design
  • Lead process engineer for the Reactive Hazards risk assessment responsible for identifying feasible independent Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS), Safety Instrument Systems (SIS), administrative, and engineering protection layers to protect against a potential runaway reaction and working with operations staff to gain support for proposals
  • Lead process engineer and Management of Change (MOC) owner for Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC) prevention projects which included specification of new equipment to replace sight glasses and hoses and to automate isolation valves
  • Lead process engineer and MOC owner for the breathable air upgrade project to install a redundant supply system which included support of the risk analysis and operations training
  • Lead process engineer for the Electrical Area Classification (EAC) upgrade project which included validation of EAC designations and specification of equipment to meet requirements
  • Lead process engineer for the Tank Farm Process Safety Risk Assessment responsible for prioritizing resulting action items and beginning FEL-1 and FEL-2 scope development for high priority relief and instrumentation action items
  • Technical consultant for safe relief effluent handling, fire suppression and drainage, facility siting, fire duration risk reduction, LEL detection, and SIS implementation projects
  • Creator of project implementation tools to streamline workflow between various functions such as project teams, maintenance, and operations.

PROCESS managed to keep these projects moving despite turnover in the client’s staff and multiple changes to the project execution philosophy.

Industry Type

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Process safety program support
  • Plant capital projects identification and development support.

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