Project Synopsis

Perform a screening study to identify the most suitable technology for the drying of liquid caprolactam feedstock material.

Project Summary


The client uses caprolactam in their production of a nylon at their production facility and they would like to install a caprolactam drying process at their production facility.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to conduct a technology screening study to this end.

The primary objective of this work was to identify commercially available options for liquid caprolactam drying. Technologies for caprolactam drying reviewed and described for the client included:

  • Molecular sieve-based dryer module
  • Conical vacuum dryer
  • Mechanical vapor re-compression
  • Microwave dryer
  • Vacuum wiped or thin-film evaporator
  • Horizontal vacuum dryer.

Vendors were contacted, and supplied equipment proposals. The competing processes were evaluated and compared on a technical and economic basis. Process descriptions and block flow diagrams (BFDs) were prepared along with a comparison matrix. The resulting report was submitted to the client for review.

Industry Type

  • Polymer manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Technical screening study
  • Process alternatives techno-economic evaluation

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