Project Synopsis

Develop a process design package (basic engineering package) for a caprolactam drying system.

Project Summary


The client, a manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to prepare a process design package for a new caprolactam drying system.

Specific tasks for this project included:

  • Generation of a process design basis that included the desired production capacities, operating schedule, space constraints, and the physical and chemical characterizations of the incoming raw material and desired finish product.
  • Preparation of a detailed and comprehensive mass and energy balance the new drying system.  Process simulation software (CHEMCAD) was used to effectively model the entire process and generate the mass and energy balance information.
  • Preparation of a process flow diagram (PFD) using the heat and material balance.  The PFD captured the entire drying system from start to finish, and was used to identify the overall system utility requirements.
  • Preparation of equipment duty specifications for all major and ancillary equipment for the drying process.  The equipment data sheets that were generated identified all of the necessary process information required for the detail design of the equipment.  Most noteworthy was the complex design of the drying vessel and associated exhaust system components.

Industry Type

  • Polymer Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Process design