Project Synopsis

Perform a 3rd party review, for a process equipment design/fabrication company, of a HYSYS simulation / material and energy balance for a carbon dioxide (CO2) compression process.

Project Summary

The client, a modular design, fabrication, and construction company based in Canada, contracted Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) to perform a third-party review of a HYSYS simulation / heat and material balance for a carbon dioxide (CO2) compression process.  The modular units for this process will ultimately be installed in Canada.

PROCESS reviewed and commented on the process design information contained in the HYSYS model that had been prepared by the client.  The following items were a part of the review summary:

  • Identification of options to reduce electric power requirements
  • Recommendation to review and verify that the refrigerant chosen was the correct fit for the application
  • Recommendation to ensure that two-phase flow to certain process equipment is accounted for in the design
  • Recommendation to verify hydraulics for the combining of streams of different pressures and temperatures
  • Recommended reviewing economic payback related to inter-cooling around compressors.

The review summary was submitted to the client via a brief email and bullet point list.

Industry Type

Process Equipment Manufacturing  

Utilized Skills

  • Simulation modeling and review
  • Independent process design review
  • Process evaluation and optimization.

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