Project Synopsis

Develop detailed operating procedures for a catalytic extraction waste treatment plant during facility pre-startup activities.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to develop detailed operating procedures for a catalytic extraction waste treatment plant as part of the facility pre-startup activities.  For each plant system, Process developed startup, normal operating, and normal shutdown procedures.

Project tasks included:

  • Plant system walk-throughs and interviews with engineering and operations personnel
  • Existing engineering documentation review and comment
  • Draft operating procedures preparation
  • Draft operating procedures review with engineering and operations personnel
  • Final operating procedures preparation.

Startup, operating, and shutdown procedures were developed for the following plant areas:

  • Feed preparation system
  • Reactor gas cleaning system
  • Thermal oxidizer
  • Liquid effluent treatment system
  • Plant utilities systems (cooling water, chemical feed, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, plant water, plant and instrument air, and process vents).

Each procedure included sections describing the purpose of the procedure, precautions and limitations of the systems, safety, prerequisites and initial conditions prior to executing the procedure, and the steps required to successfully execute the operation.  In addition, a table listing all system block valves and the proper positions of these valves at operation initiation was included as an appendix to each procedure.

Industry Type

  • Waste Treatment

Utilized Skills

  • Operating procedures development

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