Project Synopsis

Design of a size-reduction and reacted/slurried ceramic in water mixture process for the production of a ceramic product as part of a waste thermal treatment system.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates a waste thermal treatment system that includes a catalytic extraction reactor which produces a solids ceramic stream that must be size-reduced and reacted/slurried with water for the production of final ceramic product.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to perform a process design of the ceramic product preparation system.  Project tasks included:

  • Process design basis development
  • Mass and energy balance model preparation
  • Process design, and process flow diagram (PFD) and process description preparation
  • Process control system design, and process control diagram (PCD) and process control system description preparation
  • Equipment layout drawings preparation
  • Detailed equipment specifications preparation
  • Capital cost estimate development.

The process design basis development included solid ceramic stream characterization, system throughput requirements, and unit operations performance specifications.  PROCESS used in-house computer technology to develop mass and energy balances for the design case.  The PFD depicted major process unit operations and detailed mass and energy balance information for the primary process streams.  The PCD depicted major system control loops, monitoring points, alarms, and interlocks.  The equipment layout drawings showed plan and elevation views and major dimensions for the proposed system.  Detailed equipment specifications, prepared for the system major unit operations, presented information requisite for the procurement of the equipment.  A general specification detailing overall facility requirements was prepared as well.  Capital cost estimate development was facilitated by the preparation of vendor bid packages for the system major unit operations and the solicitation of technical and cost proposals from equipment vendors for the purpose of establishing equipment purchase cost.  An in-house computer program was then used for the development of the overall capital cost for the proposed system.

The final process design package delivered to the client included the following documents:

  • Process design basis summary
  • PFD
  • Process description
  • PCD
  • Process control system description
  • Equipment plan and elevation drawings
  • Detailed general and individual equipment specifications
  • Capital cost estimate summary and worksheet.

In addition to the process design package, PROCESS prepared a ceramic product laboratory-scale test procedure designed for the purpose of testing solid ceramic stream chemical composition and grindability, reactivity, and settling characteristics.

Industry Type

  • Waste Treatment

Utilized Skills

  • Process design package preparation
  • Detailed equipment specifications preparation
  • Test procedure development
  • Capital cost estimate development
  • Basic engineering design (BED)
  • Schedule A package

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