Project Synopsis

Create a scope of work package for potential contractors for the development of construction bids for a demonstration size cellulosic ethanol plant.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates multiple commercial ethanol facilities and has developed a new method for converting cellulosic materials to ethanol.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to develop a scope of work package to be given to potential contractors for the development of a bid for the construction of a demonstration plant.  More specifically, PROCESS was asked to: (1) provide documents defining the scope of work and (2) organize and format the design basis documents developed by the client.

The scope of work package included the following sections:

  • General Scope Description: Includes information regarding a high-level breakdown of responsibilities and where to find information in the bid package.
  • Background Summary: Included the design basis and a description of the provided supporting design basis documents.
  • Process Narrative: Described the demonstration plant process provided by the client.
  • Process Controls Description: Described how the major pieces of process equipment will be controlled in the demonstration plant.
  • Delineation of Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities: Included a thorough outline of what the client and contractor will each be responsible for providing or doing during the construction of the demonstration plant.  This section is broken down into six disciplines, including engineering documents, equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentation, and civil and structural.
  • Scope and Bid Changes and Delays: Included information on how the contractor will submit changes regarding both the project scope and construction bid and the approval process after submittal.
  • Bi-Weekly Report Requirements: Included what the client would like the contractor to submit so that their progress can be tracked.
  • Schedule Requirements: Included information on a sequence of work schedule the contractor is to develop.
  • Specific Instructions to Bidders: Included a description of the construction proposal that the contractor must prepare and submit to the client.
  • Process Design Documents: Included PFDs, P&IDs, equipment layout drawings, equipment list, instrument list, and electrical requirements list provided by the client.
  • Bid Forms: Included bid forms that construction bidders must complete as part of their proposal.
  • Equipment Specification Sheets: Included information on the process equipment the client has purchased.
  • Equipment, Instrument, & Line Naming and Coloring: Included guidelines for the contractor regarding naming policies and labeling methods.

Additional documents included a cover letter addressed to potential contractors and billing information.

Industry Type

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Cellulosic Ethanol

Utilized Skills

  • Bid package preparation
  • Process documentation

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