Project Synopsis

Develop ‘As-Built’ piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for a batch chemical manufacturer in preparation for an upcoming process hazards analysis (PHA).

Project Summary

The client owns and operates a chemical manufacturing facility in the US gulf coast area, where they produce several chloride based water treatment products.  Two of these products are produced in glass-lined, jacketed, pressurized reactors (GLRs).  A capital project was performed at the site to add a new packed tower scrubber system for HCl vapor control, a new HCl storage vessel, and a third GLR to the production area.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was not involved in the design or implementation of this equipment.

During the final stages of construction, PROCESS was engaged to travel to the site to walk-down the new equipment, as well as the two existing GLRs, and to sketch as-built P&IDs for the three GLRs, the HCl storage vessel, and the scrubber system, in preparation for a PHA (which was facilitated by PROCESS).  The P&IDs were then drafted in AutoCAD, and a second trip was made to the facility for backchecking of the P&IDs by PROCESS prior to the PHA.  The PROCESS team member who performed the on-site work was also present for the virtual PHA to provide input, commentary, and clarification regarding the drawings and physical layout of the equipment as needed.

Industry Type

Batch Chemical Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Plant walkdown for P&ID development
  • PHA preparation support.

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