Project Synopsis

Perform process alternative evaluations and develop an FEL-1 level process design and cost estimate information to achieve a 40% increase in wastewater treatment capacity at a chemical manufacturing facility.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a world-wide chemical manufacturer, to perform an evaluation of the existing waste water treatment system (WWTS), provide treatment upgrade options, and develop an FEL-1 level cost estimate for a system capacity increase factor of 1.4 for a U.S. production facility.  The WWTS is designed to treat for metal ions, pH, and total suspended solids (TSS).

As part of this project, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Identified equipment limitations in the current treatment system
  • Developed a sampling and test plan for the evaluation of streams to be treated
  • Identified credible treatment scenarios from client-provided documentation and testing results
  • Developed process flow diagrams (PFDs) for treatment options
  • Developed heat and material balances (H&MB) for the current process and treatment options
  • Developed equipment specifications and obtained vendor quotes for critical path items
  • Developed preliminary sizing of equipment
  • Developed an FEL-1 budgetary estimate utilizing Aspen ICARUS and vendor budgetary quotes for the treatment option selected by client.

PROCESS utilized the hydraulics package of CHEMCAD commercial simulation software and its chemical/physical database, in addition to OLI electrolyte modeling software to develop the H&MB for the project.

Equipment considered in the project included: clarifier, pH treatment system, flocculation system, filter press, pumps, eductor tank mixers, agitators, polishing filters, equalization tank, and process tanks.

Industry Type

  • Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Industrial wastewater treatment design
  • Wastewater treatment alternatives evaluation

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