Project Synopsis

Calculate sizing and recommend appropriate relief devices for a tank in olefin service.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted by the client, an engineering and design firm, to size relief valves for the ultimate client, a chemical manufacturing company, on an existing tank in a new (olefins) service.  PROCESS utilized its proprietary in-house computer program for relief device capacity evaluation, that uses calculations based on the guidelines in American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practices (RP) 520 and 521, to determine the pressure relief requirements for the application.

PROCESS supplied the client with the relief valve sizing calculations as well as datasheets that could be used to obtain quotes from vendors.  PROCESS also suggested specific relief devices represented in vendor literature.

Industry Type

  • Engineering Subcontracting
  • Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Process engineering support to detail engineering clients
  • Relief device sizing