Project Synopsis

Develop and delivery technical training on a chemical production process to operating company engineering personnel, as well as provide process operations improvement assistance.

Project Summary


The client, a world-wide chemicals manufacturing concern, has a world-scale proprietary chemical manufacturing facility in the Far East. To achieve high levels of operational excellence, the client’s U.S. headquarters contracted with Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to develop and present an extensive operator training program. PROCESS’ lead technical engineer has had many years of experience in the design and operation of the particular chemical technology, which was key to the success of this project.

Among the tasks completed by PROCESS were:

Reviewed PFD, HMB, and P&IDs to increase process understanding of unique design features of this plant as a basis for developing training.

Generated ten (10) modules of training for operations engineers to be used by them to train Far East operators. Both the fundamentals of the technology and the details of the specific plant were addressed. The purpose, key operating concerns, and basic control philosophies were supplied for each unit of the plant.

Generated over one hundred twenty (120) PowerPoint slides. Detailed process sketches were provided for each section of several columns, showing key process data and conditions and interconnects.

Presentations of this training were made to operations engineers in both the U.S. headquarters and in the Far East. Many questions were addressed in the course of the training.

Discussions of operating issues and concerns, and recommendations for data collection and solutions.

A plant visit to the Far East, which allowed detailed interaction with operating personnel at the plant, and further discussions of operational issues were conducted on site. A list of recommendations was generated.

Identified key items to be checked during a maintenance turnaround at the plant.

Training and troubleshooting provided by PROCESS were very well-received. Plant personnel stated that the training would be shared widely with operators and should be quite helpful in increasing plant understanding.

Industry Type

  • Propriety Chemicals Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Technical training material development
  • Process operations improvement support

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