Project Synopsis

Perform a process technology review and evaluation for processes to convert coal to chemicals via gasification.

Project Summary


The client, an international engineering company, subcontracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to compare gasifier technologies for the ultimate client, an international diversified petrochemicals and manufacturing company with production sites around the world.  The project was done in support of a new joint venture that is ultimately planned to produce chemicals (olefins, etc.) from an alternative chemical feedstock – coal.

As a part of this project, PROCESS reviewed information submitted by technology providers that had been previously identified by the ultimate client.  PROCESS compared and contrasted each technology in an effort to assist in choosing the best option for the coal gasification application.

Initially, the responses to a previous Request for Qualifications were reviewed.  PROCESS suggested additional information and clarifications to be included in the Request for Proposal phase of the project.

PROCESS compared multiple dry feed gasifier technologies that had been identified by the ultimate client.  As a separate task, the dry feed gasifiers were compared to a slurry feed gasifier technology option.

A report was developed to summarize each technology provider’s offer and to provide a comparison of the parameters for each.  The top two technology choices were identified in the report and it was recommended that additional information be obtained to help ensure that client had the requisite information required to confidently move forward with the project.

Industry Type

  • Petrochemicals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Process technology alternatives evaluation
  • Process technology screening

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