Project Synopsis

Perform an independent process engineering design review and code compliance review of a combustion spray pyrolysis process.

Project Summary

The client is a recognized leader in the manufacture of wear-and-corrosion-resistant coatings with multiple facilities in the US and elsewhere.  Their patented combustion spray pyrolysis process consists of first preparing a solution of mixed metal nitrates and sucrose.  This solution is then spray-dried to produce a combustible powder that is collected in a cyclone separator.  The collected powder is combusted in a downstream tube furnace to produce a mixed metal oxide product. The conveying air is routed through a gas burner, baghouse, and SCR unit before exiting to the atmosphere. Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to provide an independent process engineering design and code review of this process.

Specific tasks for this project included:

  • An engineering review of the combustion spray pyrolysis process, which entailed a validation of an earlier 2013 design by others
  • Calculations of the minimum necessary vent area for the process equipment
  • Calculations of conveying air flowrates, duct velocities, and pressure losses
  • Calculations of heat and material balances around the spray dryer and tube furnace
  • Review of equipment layout and duct drawings generated by the client
  • An analysis of the vent gas volume and surge vessel
  • Recommendations regarding compliance with NFPA 68 and 652.

Industry Type

Paints and Coatings Manufacturing  

Utilized Skills

  • Independent process engineering design review
  • Process building ventilation system design
  • Process building code compliance assessment.

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