Project Synopsis

Computer process simulation of a river water cooling water system in support of an expansion at a batch/continuous chemical production facility.

Project Summary


The client, an engineering firm, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to execute a computer process simulation of the plant river cooling water system in support of the design of an expansion of the system for a batch and continuous chemical production facility.  The simulations were executed to determine the following:

  • The hydraulic profiles of both existing and new water lines
  • New water flow rates for both existing and new header and distribution lines
  • New header and distribution line sizes
  • Required system pressures for the design and specification of new river water pumps.

PROCESS used the fluid flow package associated with licensed commercial process simulation software to perform the river cooling water modeling runs.  Detailed inputs including pipe lengths, number and types of pipe fittings, pipe sizes and elevation changes, pipe material and roughness, etc. were input to the program to obtain accurate hydraulic profiles for the entire system.  Multiple runs were performed for the purpose of optimizing system design.  PROCESS flow diagrams (PFD) prepared via the simulation software were the final project deliverables.

Industry Type

  • Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Computer process simulation
  • Hydraulic profiles
  • Piping system modeling
  • Front end engineering design (FEED)

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