Project Synopsis

Modify and develop HYSYS simulation models for a Crude Distillation Unit designed to maximize Arctic Diesel grade fuel production.

Project Summary

The client, a modular design, fabrication, and construction company based in Canada, contracted Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) to review a preliminary simulation model for a Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), update the model to meet Arctic Diesel Specifications, and determine how much diesel is expected to be produced.

PROCESS used preliminary data provided by the client and evaluated and updated the HYSYS models.  Simulations were prepared to determine the CDU yields based on the client’s agreed upon definition of Arctic Diesel Specifications with one simulation being based on a conservative diesel specification and another where the specification was “pushed to the limit”.  It was noted that using a very low allowable flash point of diesel product resulted in most of the naphtha and kerosene components ending up in the diesel stream.

PROCESS modified the original HYSYS simulation and prepared two additional simulations based on diesel specifications.  The simulations provided the bases for preliminary equipment sizing, an initial configuration of the CDU, and an early prediction of product quantities and compositions.

A brief summary of the project approach along with the raw data files for each HYSYS simulation were provided to the client as final deliverables.

Industry Type

Petroleum Refining

Utilized Skills

  • Process simulation
  • Refining unit design

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