Project Synopsis

Perform a capacity evaluation study for an existing process that produces materials used in Desulfurization (DeSOx) processes.

Project Summary

The client, an international chemicals and materials manufacturing concern, desired a technical evaluation of a production unit that produces several materials (DeSOx products) used in Desulfurization processes.  The client wished to evaluate the current capacity of a southeastern U.S. facility to determine what process modifications and/or equipment upgrades will be required to increase production by a significant percentage.

Specific tasks for this project included:

  • Evaluation of major (vessels, dryers) and minor (pumps, blowers, fans, baghouses) equipment capacities
  • Identifying critical process data and analysis thereof for the calculation of cycle times and equivalent production rates
  • Unit material balance development
  • Review of patent literature for process technology applications
  • Design of experiment
  • Heat balance of natural gas fired dryers (spray dryer and calciner)
  • Preparation of a Summary Report where all recommendations were outlined.

In the execution of these tasks, PROCESS utilized its in-depth knowledge of data analysis, heat and material balance calculations, and operational practices.

Industry Type

Specialty Materials Production


Utilized Skills

  • Process capacity evaluation
  • Process debottlenecking.

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