Project Synopsis

Support the development of a detailed process design package (FEL-3) for two new animal feed additive production lines.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) had been tasked by the client, a world-wide chemical and nutraceuticals manufacturer, to provide detailed process design services for the design of two new animal feed additive production lines at their Midwest U.S. facility. The new production lines were designed to produce a product containing amino acids.

Project tasks included:

  • Final process design basis preparation, which involved the finalization of the baseline information that governed the development of the detailed process design package.  PROCESS summarized this information and submitted it to the client for review and comment.  Information contained in the design basis included suggested size of each new line, capacity requirements, performance requirements, and other process goals and constraints desired by the client.
  • Preparation of Updated P&IDs.  The P&IDs depicted the primary unit operations, major process and utility streams, primary instrumentation and controls, as well as preliminary line sizing.
  • Preparation of equipment, line and instrument lists, which involved updating the following issued for design (IFD) engineering deliverables: (1) an equipment list that showed the new process equipment that will be required, (2) a piping list that showed approximate sizes, as well as materials for all major process and utilities piping sections, and (3) an instrument list that showed all new major instruments and controls that will be required for the process.
  • Preliminary pressure relief device calculations, which included sizing sixteen (16) new relief devices for the new production lines.  PROCESS used an in-house computer program to evaluate potential relief scenarios per API/ANSI standards, defined the controlling scenario and relief valve flow, selected a valve size, and provided a preliminary sizing for the inlet and discharge piping.
  • Participation in a HAZOP, which involved participation in a final HAZOP for the new process. PROCESS’ lead process engineer participated in the review facilitated by personnel in the client’s facility. The client provided PROCESS a list of recommendations and PROCESS incorporated the recommendations into the system process design.
  • Prepared process duty specifications for all process equipment and process instruments for the new lines, including coaters, rotary valves, filter receivers, dust collectors, blenders, sack loaders, sack unloaders, sifters, screeners, hoppers, dryers, vessels, heating skids, cooling skids, rotary lobe pumps, pneumatic convey systems, etc.

Industry Type

  • Animal Feed Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Detailed process design

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