Project Synopsis

PROCESS was contracted to develop an Aspen simulation model and FEL-1 preliminary process design with CAPEX and OPEX for a commercial scale direct air CO2 capture plant.

Project Summary

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is liberated from the combustion of fossil fuels (as well as many other natural and anthropogenic processes). Fossil fuels are an important and popular material used to generate electric power and fuel motorized vehicles. CO2 has come under increasing global scrutiny for its perceived role in increasing earth’s temperature. CO2 is a greenhouse gas in that it allows ultra-violet energy into earth’s atmosphere but traps infra-red energy re-radiated by earth back towards space. It is theorized that trapping this energy contributes, to some extent, in an increase in earth’s average temperature. For this and other reasons, industry and academic efforts are being evaluated to decrease the concentration of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere.

A Direct Air Capture System is being explored by the client as a means of reducing CO2 from the atmosphere. Currently the process, which is still in an embryonic stage of development, is focused on using a solid powdered sorbent to remove CO2 from atmospheric air (close to earth’s surface). The powdered sorbent is a silica coated with proprietary chemicals.

PROCESS was contracted to develop an Aspen simulation model of the proposed process and an FEL-1 preliminary process design for a commercial scale plant. A model was developed and refined cooperatively with the client. Model results were documented in a material balance table and accompanying Process Flow Diagram (PFD). The final Aspen model was delivered to the client for their use.

PROCESS used the model results to generate preliminary process design information needed to develop a preliminary sized equipment list. Equipment costs were solicited from several equipment suppliers and/or generated using Icarus (Aspen cost estimator). From that a factored installed capital cost estimate (CAPEX) was derived. Operating costs were also estimated (OPEX). The CAPEX and OPEX are being used to assess the potential economic viability of the process.

Industry Type

Carbon Capture


Utilized Skills

  • Aspen simulation modelling
  • Concept plant design
  • FEL1 preliminary process design.

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