Project Synopsis

Perform a detailed engineering assessment of a vent system design at a facility to size-reduce dry active waste (DAW) via a semi-automated shredding and baling system.

Project Summary


The client desired to build and operate a facility to size-reduce dry active waste (DAW) via a semi-automated shredding and baling system.  Pursuant to state regulatory agency comments relative to the facility ventilation systems, Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to perform a detailed engineering assessment of the design of the vent systems.  Specifically, PROCESS was tasked to assess the design of vent systems for the following facility operations:

  • The permacon box structure that housed the shredder/baler
  • A truck unloading station where boxes of DAW were unloaded from trucks and sampled
  • An on-site laboratory.

A project kickoff meeting was conducted at the client’s office to facilitate the transfer of vent system engineering design documents to PROCESS and to discuss the operating goals and requirements of the vent systems.  PROCESS performed a detailed review of the engineering documentation and reviewed the system design relative to engineering standards for ventilation systems as well as good engineering practices.  In addition, PROCESS utilized in-house commercial process simulation software to model operation of the permacon box vent system for the purpose of checking vent branch flow rates, pressure drops, and velocities as well as the sizing of the vent system filters and fans.  The final project deliverable to the client was a design assessment summary report that included recommendations relative to the following:

  • Changes to the overall designs of the permacon box, truck unloading station, and laboratory ventilation systems
  • Changes to individual features and unit operations within the overall designs of the vent systems
  • The development of additional engineering documentation needed to fully define the design of the vent systems.

The client has indicated to PROCESS that the recommendations as set forth in the report will be accepted and that the vent system designs will be modified/enhanced accordingly.

Industry Type

  • Dry Active Waste Disposal

Utilized Skills

  • Ventilation systems process simulation
  • Third-party engineering assessment
  • Good engineering practices assessment

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