Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering services in support of a host of different capital projects at an edible oils production facility.

Project Summary


The client, an edible oil manufacturing facility, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide lead process engineering services in the preparation of process design documentation for the following capital projects:

  • Interesterification System Filter Modification – involved modifications to two existing interesterification processes to accommodate continued operation of the systems during installation of two new horizontal pressure leaf filters.  This required tying the existing reactor systems into existing horizontal plate filters used in another processing location of the plant (bleaching process).  The work involved relocation of pumps, piping, and valves and the development of a new sequence of operations for the facility so the systems could be reprogrammed to allow for continued operation of the interesterification processes as well as the bleaching process.
  • Sodium Methylate Addition System – involved the design of a new sodium methylate addition system to safely and efficiently unload, disperse, and inject sodium methylate into three existing reactors while in operation.  System components included Matcon® IBC, cone valves, dispersion equipment, piping, and instrumentation.
  • Tank Farm Upgrades – involved modifications to a large raw material tank farm terminal to convert tanks into raw material feed tanks for the refinery.  This project was part of a two stage process to increase throughput and reduce raw oil inventory.  New system components included side mount mixers for the tanks, hot water heating skids to maintain temperature using internal heating coils, a condensate recovery system, pumps, transfer piping to include a pigging system, and all new tank instrumentation.

Specifically, the project tasks involved:

  • Project scope definition and process design basis development – involved detailed interface with plant operations, engineering, and safety groups.
  • Equipment specifications preparation – the specifications were submitted by the client to vendors to solicit bids.  PROCESS provided on-going support during negotiations with the vendors and once a vendor was selected, acted as the process lead for continued coordination during detail design of the system.
  • P&ID development – PROCESS coordinated modifications to existing plant P&IDs to reflect the process changes.  As part of this effort, PROCESS prepared a detailed tie-in list for the piping designer and contractors.
  • Preparation of instrument specifications – PROCESS generated instrument duty specifications for the new instruments required that were not supplied by the vendor.
  • Preparation of and/or modifications to Functional Specifications and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) / Work Instructions (WI).

The facility is FDA regulated and follows cGMP guidelines.  The client used the data to obtain capital funding for the projects that are currently in detailed design.

Industry Type

  • Food Ingredient Production

Utilized Skills

  • Capital projects process engineering support
  • Project engineering

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