Project Synopsis

Provide separation column design evaluation and sizing to a technology provider for the removal of propylene glycol from a water vapor stream.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, an equipment technology provider, to provide column sizing for the removal of propylene glycol from a water vapor stream.  Specifically, PROCESS was asked to evaluate design options that provided an overall pressure drop that was within the limits established by the client.

PROCESS completed the following tasks in support of the design study:

  • Verified simulation thermodynamics based on experimental data provided by the client.
  • Performed process simulations for the separation to determine column stage and loading requirements.
  • Completed column designs for two cases of allowable pressure drop.   For each case, tray and random and structured packing internals were evaluated.  Column sizing was completed using vendor rating software.

Industry Type

  • Equipment Manufacturing and Technology


Utilized Skills

  • Separations column design and sizing
  • Equipment manufacturer engineering support.

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