Project Synopsis

Assist a technology provider with the development of multiple process design packages, for ultimate client-specific plant designs, utilizing a comprehensive process simulation and tools developed by PROCESS.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client in separate projects to develop overall plant models utilizing CHEMCAD process simulation software, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and visual basic programming tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of process design package generation.  Results from these plant models are utilized in a process design package program that incorporates the results of the plant models with PFDs, P&IDs, equipment data sheets, and other process specific documentation to yield a complete process design package essentially at the push of a button.

Development and implementation of these plant models and computer techniques have automated much of the process design package generation process thereby decreasing the time required to produce process design deliverables and improving the accuracy of these deliverables by greatly decreasing the amount of manually-transferred data.

After model development and testing were complete, PROCESS was contracted by the client in this project to assist with multiple ultimate client-specific process design package preparations by performing numerous model runs and heat and material balance package outputs utilizing the most recent process model.  More specifically, PROCESS performed the following tasks for each project:

  • Met with ultimate client personnel to define the client-specific process parameters such as production capacity, feed material(s), drying step, waste product dispensation, etc. such that the process design basis could be set
  • Ran, converged, and outputted the client specific process model(s)
  • Worked as part of the process design team to produce the process design package for submittal to the end-user/ultimate client.
  • Supported the client in meetings with end-user/ultimate client personnel to resolve any process design issues.

Industry Type

  • Grain Based Ethanol Production
  • Alternative Fuels


Utilized Skills

  • Process design team support
  • Process design team training
  • Client interfacing

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