Project Synopsis

Provide proposal level process engineering design support to a process equipment skid manufacturer for a distillation system designed to separate ethylene glycol and water.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a manufacturer of automated distillation skids, to assist with a sales proposal they were generating for an ethylene glycol / water distillation unit being designed to recover ethylene glycol from aircraft deicing operations.  Specifically, the client wanted an estimate of the size of the distillation column required as well as flow rates for major streams and energy duties for heat exchangers.  As part of this project, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Generated a heat and mass balance (HMB) for the distillation column
  • Estimated the diameter and height required for the distillation column
  • Determined operating parameters for the distillation column.

PROCESS utilized its licensed commercial process simulation software to simulate the performance of the distillation column under various conditions. PROCESS then supplied the client with a preliminary Process Flow Diagram (PFD), which provided an estimate of the distillation column dimensions, along with flowrates for the feed, bottoms, and distillate streams.  Also estimated were heat duties and size requirements for the reboiler and condenser, as well as the flow rate required for a vacuum pump.

Industry Type

  • Modular Process Unit Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Distillation design

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