Project Synopsis

Develop options for the relocation and replacement of an existing refinery flare system.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a mid-size independent petroleum refinery, to develop options for the replacement of its existing refinery flare system.  Replacement of the existing flare was necessary due to corrosion within the flare stack.  PROCESS was asked to determine locations for the new stack which would permit the commissioning of a replacement flare system without taking a refinery outage or rate reduction.

PROCESS performed the following tasks in support of this effort:

  • Refinery flaring cases had previously been evaluated PROCESS.  Results from these scenarios were reviewed and four flaring events were chosen to be developed into a process design basis for the new flare.   This basis was submitted to a flare manufacturer to perform an engineering study and to develop options for the flare’s design.
  • Based on thermal radiation levels predicted in the flare engineering study, potential locations for the new flare were evaluated.  At each location, permissible radiation levels were considered relative to potential exposures to personnel and existing equipment.  Additionally, these locations helped ensure that a proper distance was maintained between the flare, property lines, and floating roof tanks.
  • Total installed cost estimates were developed for each potential flare location and design.

The evaluation results and recommendations were summarized and presented to the client.

Industry Type

  • Petroleum Refining

Utilized Skills

  • Equipment relocation analysis

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