Project Synopsis

Prepare design guideline packages for a power industry technology company for different flue gas mercury (Hg) removal processes that identified the necessary equipment, technical specifications, data sheets, and equipment sizing information need to accurately explain each process.

Project Summary


The client, a detail engineering company, was contracted by the ultimate client, a power plant technology provider, to put together design “guidelines” (process design bases) for two different flue gas mercury removal processes for coal-fired power plants.  The ultimate client wanted a project report prepared for each removal process that would explain the process and equipment needed to accomplish the mercury removal as well as to provide technical specifications, data sheets, and information needed to size and specify the appropriate equipment.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted to execute the project by the client.  The tasks involved in this project included:

  • Updating PFDs and P&IDs that were originally generated by the client and ultimate client
  • Preparation of process descriptions, equipment descriptions, and equipment sizing criteria
  • Development of technical specifications for equipment design
  • Development of equipment duty specifications
  • Summarizing all aforementioned project deliverables in project reports submitted to the ultimate client
  • Supplying a list of recommended vendors for the needed equipment.

The ultimate client intends to use the reports to explain the processes to potential customers and to provide guidelines for design to engineers specifying and procuring the equipment needed for the processes.

Industry Type

  • Engineering EPC
  • Power Generation

Utilized Skills

  • Design basis development
  • Process description and guidelines development
  • Equipment specification
  • Vendor evaluation and recommendation

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