Project Synopsis

Evaluate and validate rupture disk sizing for multiple raw material tanks at a food additives manufacturing facility.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a world-wide leading supplier of consumer health products, to perform detailed sizing calculations for three (3) existing rupture disks for a raw material storage facility where FDA-approved food additives are produced.

Using information provided by the client (batch production operating procedures and details, P&IDs, equipment data, specialty chemical physical and chemical properties, and existing rupture disk engineering data), PROCESS performed the following:

  • Evaluate pressure relief scenarios and determine credible scenarios.
  • Use a PROCESS proprietary in-house relief valve sizing program to calculate relief requirements, existing rupture disk capacities, and new rupture disk valve sizes as applicable for the credible scenarios. PROCESS‘ commercial process simulation software was used to execute hydraulic evaluations of the existing rupture disk systems as well as to calculate new rupture disk and piping sizes as applicable. The process simulation software was also used to calculate physical and chemical properties of relieving streams as required.

The results of the sizing calculations were summarized in a client-formatted engineering memo.  The memo included a table summarizing the results of the sizing calculations for all three (3) rupture disks.  The memo was signed off by the Engineering and Environmental Health & Safety groups so the equipment could be placed back into a qualified state.

Industry Type

  • Food Additives Production

Utilized Skills

  • Relief device evaluation and sizing.

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